Have You Heard The Bad Story?

We really want to tell you the good story! But first, we really have to tell you the bad story about the broken system that many know as church. A typical churchgoer reports, “They pretend to preach the truth and we pretend to listen. It’s a shallow charade.”

People fled to America for freedom of religion – freedom from man-made religion. They were fleeing from oppressive denominations in Europe, but the denominations all followed.

After hundreds of years and as many new sects, people are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the bureaucratic religious establishment. Today’s denominations don’t act like Jesus. They often act with excessive contempt and unloving attitudes toward those outside their clique. Others are just big businesses turning a profit on people’s emotions.

Are you one of them?

A growing movement of people who are:

  • Done with organized religion?
  • Pursuing genuine spirituality?
  • Over the traditions of men?
  • Ready to make a difference?

There’s nowhere else to flee. We must take a stand!

Man-made religion is consuming people’s focus, efforts, and resources with the traditions of men. Organized religion is out of touch with reality and out of line with the Bible. It fails to help people develop their gifts and become godly leaders, leaving them biblically illiterate and in a state of perpetual spiritual immaturity. Who wants to depend on hypocrites to tell them what to think?

There’s a spiritual revolution afoot. Many people want to make a difference, but are ill-prepared because of the pervasive leave-it-to-the-experts propaganda. This mentality has impacted society in a lot of negative ways, with families probably hurt the most.

The priesthood of all believers is a biblical concept that is rarely emphasized by those whose paycheck or social status depends on unbiblical perceptions, who are most aggressively opposed to the spiritual revolution.

  • Are you ready for spiritual revolution?
  • Are you failing to connect with God?
  • Do you understand your beliefs?
  • Are you a struggling spiritual leader?
  • Do you long for a meaningful life?
  • Is your spiritual growth stagnant?

We don’t want to build another sect. We want to build you.

The Jesus 4 King Project provides encouragement and help for individuals and families to take responsibility for their own spiritual growth rather than depending on “professionals.” Many of your relationships will be enhanced and you will be prepared to make a difference in your community and world.

We provide thousands of man-hours worth of free resources to help individuals help themselves and others to grow spiritually and stay engaged/involved in meaningful ways.

Do you want to make a connection with God and better understand what you believe? Do you want to spend time with close friends and get encouraged and inspired to help others?

This may be a defining moment in your life!

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